Here you will find a great selection of prime cannabis seed strains sold at affordable prices with guaranteed world wide delivery on every order. We have made the task of choosing great strains easy for our customers by offering what we believe to be the best, most interesting and complex strains on the market today. These strains combine great quality with bountiful harvests, beautiful colors and aromatic fragrances with complex terpine blends - something for all the senses!

From classic killer strains to super strains to modern high octane strains to very rare land race strains to stable feminized seed strains you will find here.

When grown properly you can expect these strains to provide exceptional quality highs ranging from numbing body stone great for pain relief, to soaring & euphoric highs that help elevate a tired mind.

And if you like great taste in your bud our strains will not disappoint. All will yield great tasting smoke with a wide spectrum of colors and aromas that will have your senses tingling. The result is a very pleasant smoking experience!

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Black Pearl

Monster Bud

Super Bud

Cluster Bomb